Arkansas Country Dance Society
Rock-N-Little Rock in 2014
63rd National Square Dance Convention
June 25-28, 2014

Early Registration Needed

The 63rd annual national square dance convention is going to be held on June 25-28, 2014 in Little Rock (Peabody Hotel and Convention Center).  They are hoping for 6,000 dancers and have 800+ already signed up.  There is much more than western square dancing at these events, e.g. contra dances and workshops, clogging, round dancing, fashion shows, etc.

David and Donna Peterson are the vice chairs for the contra section and have already been meeting for more than a year on the logistics, but to really make this a success, the national committee needs lots of local support.   Four regional contra dancers, Carolyn Shearman, Harold Watson, Christina Laurin and Amanda Severs have agreed to serve on the committee and we are looking for other ACDS members to early register as well.  It is important to have people sign up in advance because the direction of the program (contras, English, clogging in our case) partially determined by is the expressed interests of early enrollees.

There will be lots of opportunity for jobs during the convention; door receptionist, record keeping, program development, evening dance coordinator, sound, musician etc.

Printable Information and Application


Updated April 8, 2017

For more information, contact:
P.O. Box 94486
North Little Rock, AR  72190
501-982-1652 (Little Rock & Jacksonville)
501-679-2935 (Greenbrier)

Email:  Linda Narisi, President

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